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Welcome to the TFW Picture Galleries where we plan to host one of the biggest collections of tench photos and scenes on the web.

How do the galleries work?

You may either choose a to view photos from a particular river or clicking on 'All Rivers' will display all the photos in the database.

Choosing between 'CATCHES' or 'SCENES' to view either fish or scenic photos.

Click on the thumbnail photos to view a larger image.

How do I submit a photo?

Simply click on the 'Add to TFW Gallery' button that's within the gallery pages and fill in the details on the subsequent form. Please make sure you select whether the photo is of a 'CATCH' or a 'SCENE'.

Please note that your image will not appear in the gallery immediately as all images need to be approved by someone on the TFW before going live. You will receive notification by email when your image is live.

Trouble shooting

Some large photos may not upload due to their file size and you may get an error asking you to select the file again as a result. Reducing the size of the file to below 2mb will usually solve this problem.

Images in the TFW Picture Galleries are the property of the owner i.e. photographer, and are not to be copied, used or linked from this site without prior permission from the owner . TFW accepts no responsibility for images submitted by a third party without the owner's permission.

Please note that by submitting a photo, you automatically grant Tench Fishing World permission to use the image on other areas of TFW and any of our future publications.


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